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Welcome to the e-Health Nurses Network

December 2014 Update: In a new approach now focused mainly on news this Network seeks to keep you up-to-date with the latest UK-wide e-Health related environment in it's widest sense. We have gradually evolved since first starting in 2003 (for history see e-Health Group) and these pages thus offer a fascinating UK-wide source of e-health information covering over 10 years.

This Network is for all of the UK Countries and local regions - whether you live in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland or England - you will find a local page relevant to you!

Be informed, be involved, be innovative - e-Health is the future!

AIM : "To facilitate professional development through the exploration of e-health and it's impact on patient care within a new collaborative environment"


The eHealth Nurses Network defines e-health as the "The promotion and facilitation of health & well-being with individuals & families and the enhancement of professional practice by the use of information & communication technology".
[adapted from Gott]

e-Health Highlights: February - April 2017

NMC/Regulatory Update: Revalidation celebrates one year anniversary ; Updated Revalidation Booklet (March 2017) and New Guidance on CPD activities published ; Previous emails

HCPC Update: Take part in our 5-minute web content study ; MyHCPC app - new features released : Latest edition of InFocus

Live in Wales? See 11 innovative health technology projects successful in £7.3m funding bid - read more on your own eNWI page;

Live in Scotland? See Video technology trialled for premature babies in Scottish hospital - more Scottish news on your own Scotland Page

Live in Northern Ireland? Reforms, Reviews, Consensus; What's in store for healthcare in Northern Ireland? See this and more news on your own Northern Ireland page

Live in England?See NHS hospitals won't be paperless before 2027 - read more news below or look on your own area page

Publications/articles of interest this month; The Long-Term Sustainability of the NHS and Adult Social Care House of Lords Report ; ICO online Health Sector Resources ; Google DeepMind and healthcare in an age of algorithms; NAO: Health & Social Care Integration; Involving people in their own health and care Statutory Guidance ; Does the primary care home make a difference? ; Health & Social Care Integration Briefing Paper ;

Web Sites and Apps of interest this month; £1M diabetes app rolled out to CCGs ; Five apps will help launch NHS’s new digital tool library ; NHS England working with internet giants to promote digital tools ; Virtual reality app helps children for MRI's at Kings ; Depression self-assessment tool ; New Community Nurses Website ; MyHCPC app

Events/Education/Training/Resources: ICO online Health Sector Resources ; NHS England is hoping to train 300 NHS staff to become “digital leaders” by 2021 ; SNOMED CT implementation in primary care on line resource ; NHS Right-care scenario: the variation between optimal and sub optimal pathways ;

Archived News: Archived News 2003 - 2017

Latest Other NewsFebruary -April 2017

e-records this month:;

Information Governance and central data collection: : BlockChain patient consent model created ; ICO online Health Sector Resources ; Thousands more NHS staff have their data compromised ; London hospital fined £200,000 over fertility data breach ; Hunt grilled on missing confidential NHS data ;

Personal Health records/Personal Health: Fibit holds talks with NHS ; eRedbook to be introduced across London

England: SystemC will link child health records across South ; NW Anglia implements Medway ; Lancashire care implements Rio ; Wye Valley EPR delay ; UCL deploys Epic ; Salford will upload wearables data to personalise treatment ; Failure of core network at Northumbria downs IT systems ; GOSH picks Epic

CCG's/Commissioning/Quality Monitoring this month: CQC cracks down on potentially unsafe online pharmacies ; CQC says issues remain at Bridgewater community

Integrated Services/data this month; Data sharing agreement signed in Bradford ; Dorset Care Record Project signed ; Islington rolls out integrated care record ; Leeds Care Record adds community, mental health and adult social care ; Health & Social Care Integration Briefing Paper ;

Work in Telephone consultation/telehealth/? NHS111 online trial launched in Suffolk

Work in an acute hospital or ambulance service? Barts partners Cera to prevent bed-blocking ; 'inadequate' ambulance Trust picks new CAD system ; London Ambulance New Year outage linked to high demand ; Man wrongly arrested for fraud after IT bungle

Work in primary/community care? to become gateway to GP records by September - About Patient Online ; BMA: Data sharing FAQ's and TPP SystemOne ; Single' Great North Care Record' ; SNOMED CT implementation in primary care on line resource ; Does the primary care home make a difference? ;

Work in Mental Health? 7 mental health GDE's will get money for apps and patient records ; Patients at risk of illegal detention at midlands MH trust ;



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