Archived News: August 2009

Reference guide to consent for examination or treatment updated (England); and see RCGP Shared Record Professional Guidance (SRPG)

NMC/Regulatory Update; Student guidance - available from September ; Contacting the NMC by post during the CWU industrial action: delays to the postal service ; Read the latest NMC News

GMC interactive e-learning site - what do you think of this?

HPC Update: August HPC In Focus

Live in Wales? Informing Healthcare 2009 Achievements Report Published - read more on your own eNWI page

Live in Scotland? Scotland edges closer to PMS contract See more Scottish news on your own Scotland Page

Live in Northern Ireland? new integrated care pathway and nursing assessment tool launched See this and more news on your own Northern Ireland page

Live in England?Conservatives to ‘dismantle’ NPfIT and Conservatives pledge to ‘halt’ LSP deals whilst Renegotiating LSP deals may prove costly - read more news below or look on your own area page

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Publications and web sites of interest this month: RCN's Peter Carter joins Twitter and starts a blog ; See Health talk On-Line ; New service hands more power to the patient and latest Patient Choice Survey; Reaching out - community engagement and health ; See Working Better Together? - Managing Local Strategic Partnerships then consider the LSP on line tools ;

Conferences etc: Building on PROMs: putting health outcomes at the heart of NHS decision making London 16th September ; Health Information for Children workshop London 9th September

e-records this month:

Information Governance: RCGP Shared Record Professional Guidance (SRPG)

Personal Health records: Pharmacists warn on personal records

Internatonal: US releases $1.2 billion for EMRs ; EC demands in-car emergency systems; Swedish hospitals lead on social media

England: Davis: privatising records 'dangerous' ; Call for phase two CAF demonstrators ; London PCTs pilot polysystem IT ; Update on NHS number in England

Swine flu website crashes on launch day

'Metrics, Quality, Measurement and Monitoring' etc this month: Quality down for non-QoF care ; Surgical data reduces mortality ; DH launches hospital comparison site ; NPSA: unsure if wristband target met ; the notion of 'Social Value'; Organisational and system health – a new perspective on performance improvement?

Work with children and Young People? Health Information for Children workshop London 9th September

Work in the community? Webex seminars being held to introduce Productive Community Services

Interested in Advanced Practice? Independent Nurse running advanced practice survey

Care for the elderly at home? ‘Virtual tea room’ pilot announced ;

Work in telephone consultation? KPMG to provide digital strategy for NHS ; Birmingham OwnHealth expands ; Flu service 'misses other conditions' ; Pilot projects at NHS 24

Interested in tele-health? Tunstall calls for government action whilst in Germany BVMED sets out medical technology plan

Work in primary/Urgent care? EMIS LV approved for SCR roll out ; Quality down for non-QoF care ; GP practices trial tool to identify patients at risk

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