Archived News: August - Septembeer 2013

NMC/Regulatory Update: NMC Council agrees a model of revalidation for nurses and midwives a consultation will follow. Early implementers will revalidate by the end of 2015; Updated Guidance: Raising Concerns ; NMC welcomes the Improving Patient Safety report ; Latest NMC Update

HCPC Update: Introducing a new way to attend Meet the HCPC events ; Memorandum of Understanding between the HCPC and other UK social care regulators ; HCPC In Focus - August 2013 (latest) ;

Of interest: Thousands of doctors to be surveyed about fairness and the GMC and Survey on the impact of medical revalidation

Live in Wales? See All-Wales PACS roll-out gathers pace- read more on your own eNWI page

Live in Scotland? See Scotland gets HANDI -- more Scottish news on your own Scotland Page

Live in Northern Ireland?- NI does diabetes care with See this and more news on your own Northern Ireland page

Live in England? Digital care plans by 2015 and Nurse tech fund open soon- read more news below or look on your own area page

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Publications/articles of interest this month: Transforming participation in health and care ; Jr doctor creates ward problems app ; To share or not to share? The Govt response to Caldicott Review ; The dismantled National Programme for IT in the NHS - Public Accounts Committee ; Hunt announces £1 billion for health IT ; 50,000 clinicians to learn to code ; RCP Future Hospital Commission ; Endoscope-i can see clearly ; Mental health services must act to avoid sleepwalking into the future ; Navigating neurology services: helping strategic clinical networks to be a success story ; Quality and Safety in the NHS: Lessons from research ; Potential for Change: Transforming public awareness and demand for health and care technology ; Assisted Living Innovation Platform - The Long Term Care Revolution ; Care left undone’ during nursing shifts: associations with workload and perceived quality of care

Web Sites this month; Local ; 2013 Local Health Profiles ;Public Health Blog ; EMIS National User Group Conference ; High quality care for all,
now and for future generations
; Primary Care Web Tool (registered users);

e-records this month:;

Information Governance: publicity 'not adequate' - GPC ; Govt holds Caldicott line on PCD ;

Personal Health records/Personal Health: Care Connect going live

England: Tameside Lorenzo go-live next month ; Two Totalcare sites choose Medway ; Lewisham sets out Cerner plans ; RCP launches Future Hospital ; Chesterfield chooses Medway ; EPR exemplars nominated ; Cambridge goes for Epic big bang ; Humber and Hull to share Lorenzo record ; South Cerner sites join London framework ;

Scotland: Glasgow gets shared child records

Commissioning: 'Metrics, Quality, Measurement and Monitoring' etc this month; CCG axes telehealth service ; RCP pilots 'Hospital Health Check' ; First sign-off for patient data flow ; Surrey and Sussex CCGs choose new CSUs; Monitor: FAQ's on Integrated Care ;

Work in Telephone consultation/telehealth? Liverpool aims for 1,000 on telehealth ; Telehealth a mystery to vast majority ; Inquiries needed into NHS 111 'disgrace'

Work in primary care? Data service offers GPs insight into local health concerns ; GP appointments auto-cancelled via text ; Emis and Ascribe look for 'sweet spots' ; Friends and Family Test for GPs by 2015 ; Glasgow doctor develops GP app ; Quarter of GPs offer Patient Access ; Scots deploy Key Information Summary ; Securing the future of general practice in London

Work in the community? Rotherham community get moving ; Devon community does digital ; Trusts get RiO upgrade

Work in A&E? Swedish company wins ambulance bid ; Brighton does bed management

Work in mental health? User views on EPRs to be revealed ; Mental health services must act to avoid sleepwalking into the future

Work with children and young people? Child protection database live in 2015 ;

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