Archived News: December 2007

This month's NMC Update: Maintenance and renewal of registration as a specialist community public health nurse ; Take part in the MHRA consultation on what medicines can be sold, supplied or administered by midwives; Advice for nurses and midwives for the administration of Botulinum toxin; and don't forget the two important consultations currently running one into pre-reg nursing education and Towards a framework for post-registration nursing careers: a national consultation

HPC December Update: December Newsletter ; Listening Event in January in Cambridge

Don't miss the Newsfeed for even more up to date news which is constantly fed in!

Our NHS Our Future has a new web site plus a Blog

How to use or not to use information? See Commission calls for better use of information and read the Healthcare Commission Report then consider: QoF: measuring performance, missing the point

Live in Northern Ireland? Minister to consult with frontline healthcare staff on draft budget See this and more news see your own Northern Ireland page

Live in Scotland? Read about - and listen to the video on Clinical Templates Plus see more Scottish news on your own Scotland Page

Live in Wales? Informing Healthcare announces next OOH sites - more on your very own eNWI page - plus lots about Informing Healthcare

Live in England?See Government says no plans to devolve CfH power plus Survey shows waning support for NPfIT and CfH underspent by £828m over three years plus check NHS Connecting for Health - Events Online for anything going on in your area

New Study: Physical Barriers May Be More Effective Than Drugs To Prevent Pandemics; plus read the Healthcare Commission report on the Clostridium Outbreak in Kent and in England Deep cleaning funding announced plus Steam Cleaning due for all ambulances

Be sure and read the RCN's Informatics Update


UK-wide e-records latest for December:
Scotland: Read about - and listen to the video on - Clinical Templates

Wales: Informing Healthcare announces next OOH sites; and read about the Individual Health Record
England: SeeThe Government response to the Health Committee report on the Electronic Patient Record and Select committee transparency call rejected and remind yourself of the original Health Select Committee Report. Then looking at data,
Government rejects consent call for SUS use and re data quality : Improving information to support decision making: standards for better quality data and security: plus after those CDs: Revenue blunder is a lesson for public bodies; and Health records a target for 'the wicked' and Children’s database delayed to review security and Security clampdown on NSTS batch deliveries Then, re Access: Wythenshawe uses barcodes to access records and Info sharing for emergencies under test and Integration to improve newborn testing;

Work in Acute Care? Two interesting reports: Recognising and responding appropriately to early signs of deterioration in hospitalised patients and Emergency Admissions; A journey in the right direction? . Plus see One in 10 suffers 'hospital harm' and finally The NHS can be a dangerous place when you're elderly

Work in Primary Care? New GP practices for 38 PCTs and National Flu Pandemic Framework. Also Verbal agreement on IM&T DES Payments; Patients book X-rays themselves

Interested in Commissioning? Conference in March re integrating services: Managing New Realities 2008 and see World Class Commissioning and NHS leading public sector on shared services. Also GP links to PCTs threaten regulation plans

Learning from QoF: QoF: measuring performance, missing the point; QoF architects call for changes;

Work with children? Call for Papers for Conference on the Childrens Act

Work as a Midwife? New consensus statement from The National Childbirth Trust: Making normal birth a reality

Care for stroke patients? New Health and Social Care Stroke Strategy

Interested in EPS? NHS Connecting for Health Evaluation Programme  Evaluation of the Electronic Prescription Service in Primary Care plus BMA to attempt to control internet drug sales

Assess pain in older people in your practice? New Guidance plus see People at the end of life and the bereaved to benefit from investment in hospital environments

New Age Concern Information Guidelines

Interested in Social Entreprise? See conference presentations from Social Enterprise - A World Class Solution?

Interested in Surgery in Primary Care? See 'Perioperative practice under the spotlight'

Work in Mental Health? See Mind's campaign for equal access to justice for people with mental health problems and Dementia patients 'are ignored' Interesting podcasts at the Royal College of Psychiatrists and Child mental health care warning

Mental Health Act 2007 implementation: self assessment tool (ISAT)

Work in Sexual Health & HIV? New Report Why Sexual Health is a Cross Governmental Issue and see the RCN's new Campaign : Think Positive Let's end the stigma of HIV

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