Archived News: February - March 2010

NMC/Regulatory Update; Do you want to help develop a framework for revalidation? Take part in our survey ; What do you think of our guidance on raising concerns? Let us know before 31 March ; NMC signs up to share information about fitness to practise investigations with other safeguarding organisations

HPC Update: February HPC In Focus

FtP: 21C supports revalidation of GPs

Live in Wales? Software developed in Wales helping to save lives - read more on your own eNWI page

Live in Scotland? NHS Scotland Quality Strategy See more Scottish news on your own Scotland Page

Live in Northern Ireland?Technology Vital In Future Healthcare See this and more news on your own Northern Ireland page

Live in England? N3 to offer national videoconferencing service - read more news below or look on your own area page

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Publications of interest this month: Nursing Times has an interview with Professor Weir-Hughes: 'We need to be clear about our primary responsibility' ; Robert Francis Inquiry report into Mid-Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust ;CQC 2009 Report ; Medicines Not Working? There's an App for That ; Virtual Reality Helps Combat Burn Victims Through Wound Care Treatment ;Why Doctors Hate Electronic Medical Records ;ICN Telenursing Network Bulletin ;

Conferences: Primary Health Care SG Summer Conference, 25/26th May Warwickshire; 'Health and Efficiency – Improving Services in an ‘Era of Austerity’

web sites Patient Information Forum: communicating for better health ; Improving patient safety in general practice - videos ; NIGB ; Spotting the Sick Child

Take part in an academic study via this on line survey! Understanding the views of health care professionals towards alcohol

e-records this month:

Information Governance:CfH issues new SCR data quality guide ;NIGB ; Trusts 'treat IG return as box-ticking'; How standardized nursing language can reduce “never events” in healthcare & improve patient safety. ; Hacker fears close NHS Appraisal website ;Guidance issued for Internet Explorer 6 vulnerability

International: COCIR publishes telehealth toolkit ; Australia to mandate health ID number

Personal Health records: Personal Health Records And Sharing Patient Information

England: Devon and Exeter looks for tactical EPR ; London SCR roll out complete in a year

'Metrics, Quality, Measurement and Monitoring' etc this month: National Clinical Audit Advisory Group define Clinical Audit ; Better Care, Better Value indicators ; NHS Evidence - Quality and Productivity ; Keogh to lead work on new stats for NHS ; NHS Choices to publish Quality Accounts ; NHS Scotland Quality Strategy ;

Work in telephone consultation/telehealth? ICN Telenursing Network Bulletin; General practice out-of-hours services: project to consider and assess current arrangements ;Spotting the Sick Child ; GPs back cuts to NHS Direct and NPfIT ; Councils urged to take up telecare ;

Work in primary/Urgent care?CfH issues new SCR data quality guide ;The discharge summary target ; ISoft wins GP order comms contract ; Half of GP practices judged by patients ; Improving patient safety in general practice - videos ; Spotting the Sick Child ; Fitness for Work Guide ;

Work in A&E? New Decision Rule Identifies Kids With Minor Head Trauma Who Need CT ; Spotting the Sick Child

PACS proves its mettle in the "big freeze"

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