Archived News: January 2008

Why not start the year by recycling your Christmas Cards? Runs until January 31st

Survey seeks your opinion of what the NHS might be like in 2015

NHS 'now four different systems' and -if you live in England - there's a very important opportunity to have your say on the Lord Darzi review Our NHS, Our Future - open until 15th February

This month's NMC/Regulatory Body Update: Regulation watchdog publishes guidance on sexual boundaries between healthcare professionals and patients ; Future of Nursing Summit 24th January London ; Preparation of supervisors of midwives: publication update ;

HPC December Update: Countdown to CPD has begun

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Live in Northern Ireland? Welcome to the new PRONI site See this and more news see your own Northern Ireland page

Live in Scotland? New Scottish Action Plan released: Better Health, Better Care Plus see more Scottish news on your own Scotland Page

Live in Wales?-CSW awarded contract for Welsh Individual Health Record more on your very own eNWI page - plus lots about Informing Healthcare

Live in England?CfH launches new Summary Care Record film and Brown says information key to promoting self care plus check NHS Connecting for Health - Events Online for anything going on in your area and Announcement on CfH future due in ‘weeks’

Interested in Integrated systems? Nuffield publish a new Briefing Paper 'Clinically Integrated Systems' Plus T-Systems boss says e-health based on integration

Involved in patient choice as a nurse or a patient/carer? Kings Fund has launched new Patient Choice Reading Room'

Health Secretary unveils new infection control strategy

e-records news this month:
England: What do NHS staff think of e-records? ; CfH launches new Summary Care Record film; MPs call for data loss to be a crime; Discharge letter targets will create two-tier care ; about the ISB ; Medical abbreviations 'pose risk'
; NHS to share patient information, despite public data loss fears ; Four-fifths of doctors say electronic record insecure
Scotland: Integrated patient record system rolls out from acute to community sector in NHS Fife ;
Wales: CSW awarded contract for Welsh Individual Health Record

PACS now used in every English trust, DH says

New DH 'Simiplification Plan' recognises the role of information (see page 5)

Care for clients with long term conditions? Interesting new report 'The Future of Care Funding: Time for A a Change' well worth a read - PLUS Brown pledges telehealth for 100,000 Plus Video assistance devices launched for elderly and finally Robosoft showcase robot to help elderly

Patient safety film ready for national roll-out

Improved point-of-care service for university students

Are you involved in a Hospital at Night project? If so be sure to take part in the 2008 Assessment wich is taking place throughout January

Work in palliative care? RCP has published a new report around meeting the needs of patients

Interested in telephone consultation? Pfizer partners with PCT on telephone care

Interested in Health Inequalities? Useful data for England & Wales released

Involved in Emergency planning? Newly published general principles related to an emergency where the number of patients substantially exceeds normal critical care capacity plus guidance forsignificant numbers of burn injured patients

Work in a Learning Disability care area? New Good Nursing Practice guidance published

Interested in Health Screening? New report on the use of CT for the health assessment of asymptomatic individuals plus Health screening plans unveiled

Britons ‘to get free EU care’

Interested in Falls Prevention? Interesting new research

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