Archived News: July 2008

Information Centre publishes NHS Staff Earnings January-March 2008

This month's NMC/Regulatory Body Update - it's been quite an eventful month, with lots happening to read about;First see the New Report on Extending Regulation; plus the Special CHRE report to the Minister of State for Health Services on the NMC and the NMC's response to the review. Plus A new governance structure for the NMC . Finally Update on NMC projects (eg Pre-Reg Nursing Education, Advanced Practice), and you have a chance to Have your say about what goes in 'NMC News'

In addition you are uinvited to to take part in a consultation on the content of new constitution rules for the four NMC statutory committees – Investigating; Conduct and Competence; Health; and Midwifery, all of which play a key role in the work of the NMC.

HPC UPdate: HPC appoints four Council members following its fourth Council election and HPC welcomes the opportunity to regulate practitioners of acupuncture, herbal medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and other traditional medicine systems practised in the UK and Case study appeal - can you help?

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Live in Northern Ireland?See this and more news on your own Northern Ireland page

Live in Scotland? New e-Health Strategy published - Beller eHealth: Better care - Plus see more Scottish news on your own Scotland Page

Live in Wales? New Nursing Strategy for Wales is released - read more on your very own eNWI page - plus lots about Informing Healthcare

Live in England? The 'Swindells' Health informatics review is published and Darzi releases Final Report: High quality care for all - read more below or on your own area page

Interesting articles this month: Futures debate on 'Disruptive innovation' ; Summer 08 QNI News ; NHS leaders see IT as promising NHS opportunity ; The conservative party launch a green paper on health, ‘Delivering some of the best health in Europe’ - which includes an 'information revolution'; Latest edition of BCS Health Informatics Now ; interesting Radio 4 Health and IT debates

Interested in developing your e-Health practice but need support? See the FoNS Awards 2008 - Rewarding Excellence in Nursing and Healthcare Practice

Training video - An introduction to hand hygiene

National Cancer Intelligence Network launched

Telecare features in government’s Carers Strategy

Call for Papers HEALTHINF 2009 Portugal January 2009

e-records related news this month -
General:The Power of Information Taskforce has launched a competition to encourage people to find better ways of using the information the government holds. ; GMC says patient confidentiality 'is absolute' ; Patient Record Access Web Site
Scotland: NHS Lothian declares 'data amnesty'
England: Thieves break hospital security to take laptops plus NHS manager suspended after losing laptop; Access to NHS care records may be widened ; CRS leads to cancer care delays at Barts ; CfH awards encryption contracts to three suppliers ; Data accreditation completed for 800 practices ; GPs concerned by TPP data sharing system

Latest associated with Darzi (High quality care for all ) : NHS Choices gets central role in future health ; QoF to be re-focused on health promotion ; Darzi review stresses choice and information

Work in primary or community care in England? See the NHS Next Stage Review: Our vision for primary and community care and the RCGP alternative to Polyclinics

Interested in networking and sharing experiences? Do not miss this new web site: Connecting for Care

Interested in Commissioning? New information tools promised for commissioning and see Delivering care closer to home: meeting the challenge

Work in A&E, Urgent Care or Out of Hours in England? Call for new urgent care phone number and EMIS and INPS plan integrated IT system; NHS Direct diverts patients from GP and A&E

Involved in a Hospital at Night service? Read the Hospital at Night 2008 UK Implementation Survey Report

Work in telephone consultation? Patient information easily obtained by phone

Work in Mental Health or Social Services? See: Support, time and recovery (STR) workers: a competence framework: best practice guidance plus see Pandemic Influenza guidance and Research on eliminating age discrimination in social services and mental health services

Work with youg people? New on line toolkit for consulting young people sex and relationships education and CMO calls for focus on teen health

Work with the Forces? MOD asks healthcare watchdog to carry out first ever independent assessment of military healthcare

Aer you a midwife? Healthcare watchdog urges NHS to seize opportunity to improve maternity services

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