Archived News: March 2012

NMC/Regulatory Update: New consultation on regulation of health professionals (Read the consultation document); Chair of the NMC to step down ; Have your say on the NMC's equality objectives (consultation ends 1st June) ; Working as a self-employed nurse, midwife or specialist community public health nurse guidance revisited; Latest NMC Review (Winter 2011) - Preview Spring 2012

HPC Update: Professionalism - Have you had the conversation yet? ; Latest In Focus (February 2012)

Live in Wales? Individual Health Record reaches more GPs- read more on your own eNWI page

Live in Scotland? See Scotland Praised in International eHealth Study – March 2012 - more Scottish news on your own Scotland Page

Live in Northern Ireland? Southern Trust wins first prize in UK health awards- See this and more news on your own Northern Ireland page

Live in England? IT identified as key risk in NHS reforms and NHS to be 'liberated' by Easter and Health and social care bill gains royal assent - read more news below or look on your own area page

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Publications/articles of interest this month: National evaluation of Department of Health's integrated care pilots ; Docs rapped for social media abuse ; Lean years to follow lean years in NHS ; End of Life Care Co-ordination: core content ; NPfIT to be cut by £1.8 billion ; CCIO on NHS CB “jolly good idea” ; Connected Health Study ; £4 million for innovative solutions to tackle healthcare problems ; NHS Outcomes Framework 2010/11 indicators (England)

Web Pages: Here's a really NICE app ; NHS Productive series goes on line as e-learning ; AHP QIPP Toolkits ; Energise for Excellence

e-records this month:

Information Governance: New Caldicott committee announced ; New Privacy Advisory Committee to advise on security (Wales);

Personal Health records/Personal Health: Chair sought for Open Data board ; Patient Opinion to cover social care ; Virgin debate looks at digi-tv ;

England: Bristol working on mid-April go-live ; Doncaster renews hunt for new PAS ; Royal Berkshire puts back go-live ; Oxford plans next steps on Millennium ; Cambridge to pick EPR supplier in April ; Warwick to use iPads for patient records ; London not a done deal for Cerner ; Yeovil tenders for EPR ; Liverpool shares info 55,000 times

Scotland: NHS Scotland has Vision for prisons

Wales: Wales makes good progress with IHR ; Individual Health Record reaches more GPs

Commissioning: 'Metrics, Quality, Measurement and Monitoring' etc this month: Sollis wins South West London deal ; Liverpool CCGs set up IM&T board ; CCIO on NHS CB “jolly good idea” ; CCGs unhappy with commissioning support ; GPC warns on 'privatised' commissioning ; Sessional GPs vital to CCGs says RCGP

Work in Telephone consultation/telehealth? GPs renew concerns about NHS 24 ; GPs divided on telehealth ; WSD results: 'complex' not compelling ; TPP launches NHS 111 module

Work in primary care? Choose and Book use on downward slope ; Just 110 practices live with EPS2 ; Bournemouth e-discharges arrive by post ; End of life standard 'needs work' - GPs ; EMIS to take foot off EMIS Web brake ; Johns Hopkins risk tool used in South ;

Work in the community? Southern community procurement 'close' ; End in sight for Lorenzo at Bury ; Docobo adds wound module to ComCare ; Croydon takes Millennium into community

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