Archived News: March 2015

NMC/Regulatory Update: Revised Code for nurses and midwives (effective March 31st); The NMC has welcomed Robert Francis’s review into whistleblowing in the NHS (also see: Freedom to SpeakUp: Consultation runs until June 4th and Work and wellbeing in the NHS: why staff health matters to patient care ) ; Shape of Caring review ; Keep informed sign up for the NMC Newsletter ; March 2015 Update (annual publication)

HCPC Update: Latest edition of In Focus ;

Live in Wales? See Welsh ambulance crews to use digi pens - read more on your own eNWI page;

Live in Scotland? See - Scottish data share plan survives vote - more Scottish news on your own Scotland Page

Live in Northern Ireland? Ministers launch technology projects which aim to optimise the health benefits of medicines - See this and more news on your own Northern Ireland page

Live in England?See Kelsey pushes for free NHS wi-fi - read more news below or look on your own area page

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Publications/articles of interest this month: The internet of everything: unlocking the potential for UK start-ups ; Election won't stop 5YFV - Stevens ; Electronic ambulance chasing: patient records, guidelines, and the law ; ICT service launches whistleblowing tool ; Taking the temperature of health and care services for people living with long term conditions ; Realising the value: a new relationship with patients and communities ; Acute hospitals and integrated care ; Shape of Caring: A Review of the Future Education and Training of Registered Nurses and Care Assistants ; New NICE Guidance: Ensuring the safe and effective use of medicines

Web Sites of interest this month: Online mental health services ; National Voices: My life, my support, my choice ; Things you need to know about mental well-being ; Rise Above: a website for young people;

Education/Training: Code4Health courses underway ; PCC on-line courses ; Supporting carers: free on-line resources for practice nurses, school nurses and community nurses from QNI

e-records this month:;

Information Governance: EU ministers back data privacy changes ; Data advisory group to disband ; Lords to examine NHS identity bill ; Scottish data share plan survives vote ; on hold until election

Personal Health records/Personal Health: NIB looking for quick wins ; BSI to publish apps standards ; NHS Choices to broaden audience ; Public to see CQC ratings displayed across care services ;

England: Chesterfield plans PAS 're-launch' ; East Lancs reviews IT strategy ; Warrington to deploy Lorenzo EPR ; Croydon prepares to expand Cerner use

Wales: New audit reporting tool to pinpoint unauthorised access

CCG's/Commissioning/Quality Monitoring this month: East Kent commercialises dashboards ; West London CCGs work on data sharing ; CSC chosen for Trafford centre ; CQC: Regulations for service providers and managers

Integrated Services/data this month: EU ministers back data privacy changes ; Vanguard areas given marching orders ; Trust and council in discharge first ; IT issues for Manchester NHS devolution ;

Work in Telephone consultation/telehealth? Put GPs on NHS 111 calls - Hakin ; Urgent Repeat Medication Requests: Guide for NHS 111 Services ; The Future of GP Out of Hours Care; Royal College of General Practitioners

Work in an acute hospital or ambulance service? London air ambulance launches app ;

Work in primary/community care? Emis and TPP sign data sharing pact ; Pharmacists set to work in GP surgeries ; Community Pharmacists check patient discharge medicines

Work with children and young people? Another trust outlines CP-IS plans ; Cumbria launches child risk e-referrals ; Apps win innovation prizes ; My life, my support, my choice ; Examples of good practice in the transformed health visitor programme ; Future in mind Promoting, protecting and improving our children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing ; Rise Above: a website for young people;

Work in mental health? Online mental health services ; Solent takes TPP for mental health ; Tower Hamlets leads on mental health ;

Work in Midwifery?: Ealing midwives take to tablets ; Newborn screening tech covers England ;