Archived News: May - June 2010

NMC/Regulatory Update: New NMC site means better browsing for three million web visitors ; NMC chairs first meeting of European nursing regulators on the review of EU legislation ;

HPC Update: HPC 'In Focus'

Live in Wales?One number – making it easier to get IT help - read more on your own eNWI page

Live in Scotland? Quality Strategy gives more time to care - See more Scottish news on your own Scotland Page

Live in Northern Ireland? Challenging year ahead for Health and Social Care See this and more news on your own Northern Ireland page

Live in England? Coalition document sets out positive direction for health and social care -also see the website The Coalition: NHS - and whilst reflecting see Ex CfH lead says NPfIT has no engagement - read more news below or look on your own area page

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Publications/articles of interest this month: Nurses say technology can cut lost time ; EC’s puts health on Digital Agenda ; NHS IT pros urged to ‘keep the faith’ ; New 'smart pill' to track adherence ; Ex CfH lead says NPfIT has no engagement ; buys stake in MedUniverse ; Fears jobs may go as NHS sets aside £2bn 'change' fund ;

web sites; The Coalition: Our programme for Government ; Hammersmith and Fulham improves website

e-records this month:

Information Governance: MH records found in Asda car park ; A review of collaborative procurement across the public sector ;

Personal Health records: Twitter is trending in the NHS ; EMIS Access 'could save millions'

Wales: Go ahead for medicines management

England: PCTs look for GP agreement to SCR ;Summary Care Record - joint statement from the BMA GPC and NHS Employers ; ContactPoint to be scrapped ; PCTI tests Docman on the iPad ; Oasis and Sandwell to market bespoke EPR ; EPR cuts Middlesex GUM treatment times

Scotland: MH records found in Asda car park

'Metrics, Quality, Measurement and Monitoring' etc this month: Post election hiatus - watch this space

Work in telephone consultation/telehealth? Telehealth predicted to transform health; EU funds OLDES e-service

Work in primary/Urgent care? PCTI tests Docman on the iPad ; Web calculator identifies statins risks ;Software tool helps GP Practices

Work in paediatrics? ContactPoint to be scrapped ; All babies must be checked for jaundice, watchdog says ;

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