Archived News: October 2007

This month's NMC Update: Standards to support learning and assessment in practice ; Review of pre-registration nursing education and Help the NMC review its website

HPC Update: See the October Newsletter

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Live in Northern Ireland? £15.2million investment boost for Craigavon hospital See this and more news see your own Northern Ireland page

Live in Scotland?Health check for Scotland's environment Plus see more Scottish news on your own Scotland Page

Live in Wales?November 14th - eNWI Conference in cardifff 'Doing IT - Learning from One Another' DON'T MISS IT - Register NOW! plus NHS Wales' IT programme 'getting balance right' -- these and more on your very own eNWI page - plus lots about Informing Healthcare

Live in England? Health Select Comittee Report on electronic record published and Lord Darzi launches his Interim report: Our NHS, Our Future- plus Lord Darzi pledges IT review - AND always check NHS Connecting for Health - Events Online for anything going on in your area

The Big Question: Why can't we keep our hospitals clean and protect patients from infection? Remember this item from earlier this year?
:Clostridium Dificile Learning Resource and see Psychologists are to investigate what stops NHS staff washing their hands as part of a drive to tackle hospital superbugs in Scotland. plus An NHS trust is set to combat hospital infections by installing loudspeakers to play messages reminding staff to wash their hands. .... a Change in Culture is Needed
and finally - just to stimulate reflection: Acute trusts fail the 80 per cent of older patients who need help eating

EU Exchange Programme opportunity

Se the new BCS Informatics Newsletter

WHO publish document on Age Friendly Cities

e-records latest this month: Health Select Comittee Report on electronic record published ; interesting site re Canadian e-records ; whilst Australia discuss who 'owns' the e-record. If you're in England update yourself on the Spine and Personal Demaographics (PDS) ; EMIS to roll out patient access to records. Microsoft launches HealthVault; Data centre failure left practices without SystmOne; Patient records found on drive sold on eBay

Are you a prescriber? National Prescribing Centre launches excellent blog

Work out and about in the community? Clinical Knowledge summaries are now available via your mobile

GPs voice key concerns over IT

Work as a Community Matron or Case Manager? New Fitness to Practice Site and don't forget Telemed 07 Supporting Self Care November 26th - 27th London Also see the NHS-Funded Nursing Care Practice Guide 2007 and the very recent 'A Fair Contract with Older People?'

Interested in Nurse careers? For example, how in England 'First Contact Care' might bring together A&E and primary care? There's going to be a series of consultations about 'modernising nursing' in November - prepare yourself NOW - Read the RCN information as a starter for discussion; Review of pre-registration nursing education

Work in the NHS in England and interested to gain better IT care system skills? See new vocational qualifications option via CFH plus article

Work as a Nurse Researcher? New Report published: Developing the Best Research Professionals’

MSoft showcases blood tracking on Second Life

Work in Primary/Community care? Have you seen NHS Alliance TV? Interesting US- based work also EMIS to roll out patient access to records; iSoft progress with GP contracts; RCGP publishes a Roadmap of the Future for GP services . English practices earn £119,000 a year from QoF

Work in sexual health? See what's going on at the Marketplace in Leeds plus the Mental health Foundation for Young People

Work with children and young people? - see the Partnership for Health web site Plus Why your child's weight matters - translations plus NMC Microsite

Interested in joined-up mental health services? See 'New Ways of Working for Everyone: A best practice implementation guide'.

Interested in Commissioning? DH announces framework for external support for commissioners and PCT commissioning data and IT suppliers name

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