Scotland Archived News: 2013

December - January 2014

NMC/Regulatory Update Patient feedback to feature in new public protection measure ; NMC responds to Parliamentary Health Select Committee annual report ; Consultation on revalidation and the revised Code - HAVE YOUR SAY ;Latest NMC Update

(Update on end of life care as Liverpool Care Pathway is phased out and End of Life care co-ordination information standard)

HCPC Update: New Council announced ; Fees to Rise ; Bogus HCPC calls; Fitness to Practice Key Information 2013 ; New edition of HCPC in Focus

BT takes NHS Scotland to court

Carers' consultation launched

Additional funding to support patient stories online

Patient Opinion website

Liverpool Care Pathway to be phased out in Scotland

NMC/Regulatory Update; NMC welcomes statement on Francis Inquiry ; NMC makes progress on case backlog ;Latest NMC Update

HCPC Update: Fitness to practise annual report and key information document published ; New edition of HCPC in Focus

Patient safety

Glasgow praised for IT crash response

Digital health care

Scotland sticks with Carestream RIS

NHS gets positive health report

Improving GP access

NMC/Regulatory Update; NMC welcomes the review of the NHS hospitals complaints system (See the Report ) ; Annual report and accounts and fitness to practise report 2012-2013 ; Latest NMC Update

HCPC Update: Professional indemnity and your registration ; New edition of HCPC in Focus

NasH boards get dashboards

Glasgow's network headaches get fixed and Glasgow hit by IT failure

Waiting times information line

NMC/Regulatory Update: NMC Council agrees a model of revalidation for nurses and midwives a consultation will follow. Early implementers will revalidate by the end of 2015; Updated Guidance: Raising Concerns ; NMC welcomes the Improving Patient Safety report ; Latest NMC Update

HCPC Update: Introducing a new way to attend Meet the HCPC events ; Memorandum of Understanding between the HCPC and other UK social care regulators ; HCPC In Focus - August 2013 (latest) ;

Of interest: Thousands of doctors to be surveyed about fairness and the GMC and Survey on the impact of medical revalidation

Scotland gets HANDI

Glasgow doctor develops GP app

Glasgow gets shared child records

Scots deploy Key Information Summary

Scottish Health survey

NMC/Regulatory Update:; NMC seeks feedback on professional indemnity insurance information ; NMC formally responds to the Francis Report ; NMC initial response to Camilla Cavendish review ; NMC welcomes government decision on fitness to practise rules ; Latest NMC Update

HCPC Update: HCPC launches fees consultation; Consultation on guidance on professional indemnity cover closes on 2 August 2013 ; HCPC launches fees consultation ; HCPC In Focus - Issue 47 Junel 2013 (latest) ;

Western Isles is wi-fi hotspot

Robot to help dementia patients

Positioning nursing in a digital world ; RCN eHealth survey 2012 report

NI 2014 The 12th International Congress on Nursing Informatics

April - May 2013
NMC/Regulatory Update:; NMC sets out six priorities to deliver effective regulation ; NMC welcomes the Government’s response to Francis ; Professional indemnity insurance Latest NMC Update

HCPC Update Refresh your CPD Awareness ; HCPC In Focus - Issue 46, April 2013 (latest) ;

Person-centred eHealth Strategy and Delivery Plan

Key Information Summary (KIS) current Newsletter - What is a Key Information Summary (KIS)?

Western Isles looks to link up records

Praise for nurses on Nurses Day

eHealth Link Newsletter March

Bed planning tool

March 2013
NMC/Regulatory Update:; Three Directors appointed at the Nursing and Midwifery Council ; Nursing and Midwifery Council holds fee level at £100 ; Health Select Committee welcomes NMC progress but urges faster movement ;

HCPC Update; Standards of proficiency consultations closing on 2 April 2013 ; February In Focus (latest)

Scotland gets Patient Opinions

Ayrshire goes slowly with TrakCare

Patient stories online

Health technology funding

Hospital at home

February 2013
NMC/Regulatory Update:; Nursing council fined £150,000 ; NMC welcomes Francis Report ; Latest NMC Update ; NOTE: NMC Review is no longer published either in paper or on-line but you can Sign up for Email newsletters

HCPC Update; Research on the standards of conduct, performance and ethics ; Education provider feedback ; Robert Francis QC Report ; February In Focus

GMC issues new prescribing guidance

Stan the robot man

Scotland gets digital deliveries

Scotland builds online platform

Scotland gets 111

Scotland gets GP info service


NMC/Regulatory Update: NMC introduces processes to improve fitness to practise efficiency ; Updated Midwives rules and standards come into force ; NMC introduces voluntary removal process ; NOTE: NMC Review is no longer published either in paper or on-line but you can Sign up for Email newsletters

HCPC Update Prescribing standards update ; Public Protection Research ; December In Focus

HCPC employer events announced:Glasgow - Tuesday 19 March 2013 Crowne Plaza, Congress Road, Glasgow, Strathclyde, G3 8QT

Telehealth reaches long arm of law

High road, remote care

Better together: Sharing learning to improve care useful information about learning networks

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