Archived News: December 2006

Interesting read! - New November 2006 Medix Survey of Doctors and NPfiT - also see Survey shows waning medical support for NPfIT and did you miss the Channel 4 Report 'Disconnecting the NHS'? - then see it here . MP "looking into" how NAO report was drafted plus NHS IT chief hits back at critics

Essential Reading - Royal Society Report published - see also NHS urged to use more simple ICT

New CFH Briefing Paper on UK-wide, Cross Border e-records: UK cross-border transfer of electronic patient information

Live in Northern Ireland? See your new Newsletter 'Health e-Future' - For more news see your own Northern Ireland page

Live in Scotland and w ork in Palliative Care? Have your say on the Palliative Care Clinical Dataset Standards and see New Report on the management of information and IT in the NHS in Scotland Read more Scottish news on your own Scotland Page

Live in Wales? Read about this and more on your very own eNWI page - plus lots about Informing Healthcare

Live in England? More delays likely in PAS rollout, says Granger -plus always check NHS Connecting for Health - Events Online for anything going on in your area - and Read differing views on the NHS Changes in England

NMC Update: The NMC's Chief Executive, Sarah Thewlis, will be speaking about the future direction of nursing at the New Connaught Rooms in London on Tuesday 23 January 2007 and importantly see NMC responds to Government Healthcare Regulation Consultation. If you are a Midwife see New Supervisor Standards

Interested in e-records and confidentiality? See the Caldicott Guardian Manual The BMA have issued information and guidance for doctors and GPs threaten to block national patient database and Hackers make us scared to e-file, say GPs . The artricle Local sealed envelopes 'probably safer' contains a link toan interesting document on Sealed Envelopes Also see new Childrens Databases Report

Map of Medicine are to pilot a PDA-based version of their evidence-based clinical pathway information system for the first time in the UK. - in Essex and Wales

Interesting Finance Staff CPD e-learning modules on Budgeting, PbR and Introduction to NHS Finance

Informatics studentship available at Kingston

NICE Launches Online Health Database

Care for Stroke patients? See Stroke Toolkit and other guidance and Electronic 'toolkit' for NHS staff aims to help stroke suffers

Do you order and interpret Xrays?

Wi-fi: should we be worried?

A staggering 40% of people would not make 999 their first call if they suspected they were having a heart attack, a survey for the British Heart Foundation (BHF) has revealed

Care for clients in their own homes? In an attempt to make use of technology to meet the health needs of Britain's ageing population, the Department of Health is trialling home health monitoring systems. Also interesting EU Report on Independent Living

Work in Telephone Consultation? Thousands call NHS Direct in poisoning fear

Work in OT? Remember vital theatre edict: First Do No Harm

Work in Mental Health? Interesting Information Centre Report: Making Sense of Mental Health Information

Work in Primary Care? INPS surgeries to use iPlato text messaging - also see On The Front Lines Of Care: Primary Care Doctors’ Office Systems, Experiences, And Views In Seven Countries and GP Paperwork 'Wasting Time' - Automated Desktop Labelling the Solution

Work with children? See new Childrens Databases Report

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