Archived News: January 2006

NHS Connecting for Health Appoints New Nursing Clinical Lead

Live in Scotland? Traffic doubles on new NHS24 website

Wherever you are or wherever you work be sure you are up to date with the new Resuscitation Guidelines 2005

Work in mental health? The First Episode of psychosis Research Network (FERN), has launched a project which aims to provide young people with psychosis gold-standard psychological treatments to complement, as well as reduce, the need for long-term dependency on regulatory drugs to control their condition.

NHS Connecting for Health recognises that communicating with clinicians from a range of disciplines is essential

Work with children? Better Services for Children as Government acts on Lord Laming recommendation and see statement from the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health and the RCN on the launch of the Information Sharing Index

Government plans to reduce the numbers of Primary Care Trusts have been criticised by the Health Select Committee as ‘ill-judged’ and ‘not conducive to the successful improvement of health care services

Work with a pharmacist or pharmacy? Pharmacists and pharmacies need to be accredited to provide the first Advanced Service, the Medicines Use Review (MUR) and Prescription Intervention Service.

Asthma sufferers get help from space

GP calls for judicial review of NCRS consent

Are you a midwife? The RCM Library now provides access for RCM members to a collection of 'top twenty' electronic textbooks in midwifery.

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