Archived News: July 2004

6th July 2004 : New Board To Give Patient And Clinical Input To Electronic Records
A new body to ensure NHS IT helps deliver better care and supports the Government's top priority ofputting the interests of patients first was announced today by Health Minister John Hutton.

2nd July 2004 : NPfiT launches WEB SITE

2nd July 2004 : eHealth Insider Reports:
The National Programme for IT has unveiled a new website, featuring a host of detailed information about the programme and its implementation - but the "Your Say" section, where a public discussion forum had been planned, was removed shortly after it appeared. See

2nd July 2004 : NPfiT More Choice & Control over Your Healthcare:
is at the very heart of the Government's vision for the National Health Service (NHS) in England. It will mean major changes for the NHS and bring benefits both to you and to those who work in the NHS. This leaflet describes the changes and the benefits that computers and information technology will create through the work of the National Programme for IT.

2nd July 2004 : Choose and Book is a national service
that will, for the first time, combine electronic booking and a choice of time, date and place for first outpatient appointment. By the end of 2005 it will be available to all patients in England requiring elective care (over 10 million each year). See

2nd July 2004 : BMA asks for clarity on care record issues

2nd July 2004 : ASSIST attacks GP boycott of electronic records
The chairman of the Association for ICT Professionals in Health and Social Care (ASSIST) has condemned GPs for voting not to co-operate with the Care Records System to be implemented by the National Programme for IT (NPfIT).

2nd July 2004 : Latest BCS Radical Steps Think Tank Report.
See May 2004 item at:

2nd July 2004 : Electronic Reverse Auctions (eAuctions)
are an innovative procurement technique that use secured Internet-based technology. The sense of competition is heightened as suppliers compete in real time by bidding lower as the auction unfolds. See

2nd July 2004 : CHAINs
- Contact, Help, Advice and Information Networks - are online networks for people working in health and social care. They are based around specific areas of interest, and give people a simple and informal way of contacting each other to exchange ideas and share knowledge.
See: and the recent BMJ article: Jill Russell, Trisha Greenhalgh, Petra Boynton, and Marcia Rigby

2nd July 2004 : Soft networks for bridging the gap between research and practice: illuminative evaluation of CHAIN
BMJ, May 2004; 328: 1174 - 0. at

2nd July 2004: NHS Number for Babies:
June 2004 sees the service issue the one-millionth NHS number .. As the NHS moves to delivering the next phase of the NHS plan, NHS Numbers For Babies has provided a firm foundation for the NHS Care Records Service (NHS CRS).

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