Archived News: June 2004

10th June 2004 : New Role for English Chief Nursing Officer.

10th June 2004 : New Kings Fund Report: How will Practice Led Commissioning Work?

10th June 2004 : See for yourself a Webcast of a Live Operation
(first seen on May 26, 2004):

Coblation Tonsillectomy & Coblation Assisted Upper-airway Procedures for Treatment
of Snoring and Mild Obstructive Sleep Apnea from Blackburn Royal Infirmary. See

10th June 2004 : National programme caught in spinal trap...
the first release of the spine may be delayed by up to two months, due to late changes in
specification introduced by the Design Authority See eHealth Insider:

10th June 2004: Elite matrons to give NHS advice:
Plans to create an elite squad of "community matrons" to help patients get the best out of NHS
facilities will be included in a five year development plan that is being prepared for Tony Blair to publish later this month.

10th June 2004 : A Study of Cancer Supportive Care Information Needs
for the Kent and Medway Cancer Network see

10th June 2004 : The integrated Operating Room of the Future?
minimally invasive operating room of the future, in which all operating room equipment, lasers, operating tables,
room lighting and operating lights, digital documentation, data storage and teleconferencing technology are centrally
controlled, either outside or within the sterile area as desired. See OR 1 at

This operating room has now been installed in Scotland at The Royal Hospital for
Sick Children Edinburgh - funded by the Sick Kids Friends Foundation. See

10th June 2004 : Short Case Study Examples of Digital Recording in Primary Care in
Dorset and Voice Recognition Software in Radiology in Norfolk & Norwich

What could be useful in your practice area? See:

10th June 2004 : Prepare yourself and your clients for the MyHealthSpace
access method of the future!

HealthSpace is a secure place on the internet where you can store all your personal health information.
(NB HealthSpace is an online service provided by the NHS in England. It is provided for the sole use of
people living in England. It is for use by persons over the age of 18 only). See

10th June 2004 : Digital pen takes on mouse

- and for more information see: Are we ready for digital paper? at

- Can you imagine how this technology might be useful in your practice?

10th June 2004 : Health Development Agency
- Supporting evidence-based working for better health We're the national authority on what works to improve people's
health and reduce health inequalities See

3rd June 2004 : Blair health adviser to join US firm seeking NHS work


3rd June 2004 : National Primary and Care Trust Development Programme
(Natpact) Compendium on chronic disease management See

3rd June 2004 : Allied Health Professionals Bulletin

3rd June 2004 : The NHS Information Revolution website for health professionals.
The NHS is testing new communication tools to help the health service target
hard-to-reach groups to explain local services and promote healthy choices

3rd June 2004 : The National Institute for Clinical Excellence is launching a
programme of work to support the implementation of its guidance in the NHS.

By the end of 2004, over 250 sets of recommendations will have been issued to the NHS in the form of
clinical guidelines covering whole diseases or conditions, appraisals of individual technologies, and statements
on the safety and efficacy of interventional procedures. See

3rd June 2004 : DoH Primary care computing Info

Information on a range of technology related topics in primary care, from the electronic prescriptions pilot
scheme to computerised learning and support tools for GPs

3rd June 2004 : NHS trainees get childcare help
Students who are being funded by the NHS to train in areas like nursing, midwifery or physiotherapy could
get help with childcare costs from September.

3rd June 2004 : Welcome to the NHS Shared Financial Services website
The Shared Financial Services Centres work as one organisation on two sites and take advantage
of pooled resources, standardised NHS financial systems with the aim of providing NHS Trusts with
an assured high quality service, process efficiency and cost effectiveness. See

For more info on Shared Financial Services See:

3rd June 2004 : The IFH electronic newspage
where you can learn about the latest news, research, events, and library updates in the field of home hygiene.

3rd June 2004 : Electronic Staff Record Programme
This site is designed for use by all NHS organizations or individuals interested in learning more about the
Electronic Staff Record programme. See

3rd June 2004 : A Compendium of solutions to Implementing
the Working Time Directive for Doctors in Training from August 2004:


3rd June 2004 : New Free Nurse Magazine

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