Northern Ireland Archived News: 2005

August 05: See the Southern Area Children and Young People's Committee website

New RCN Survey released: Nurses bypassed by NHS IT Projects 'Talk to the ground floor workers...ask us what we need...' See the link to the full survey on the bottom of this RCN Press Release

Royal Society to investigate impact of communication technologies on healthcare

NICE to assess the feasibility of evaluating computerised decision support systems

July 05: The South & East Belfast Health & Social Services NHS Trust (SEBT) is rolling out Paris an electronic information system that supports professionals working within a health and/or social services organisation

PAPA the Northern Ireland Charity for autism and Asperger's syndrome starts to use secure mechanics for creating, storing, updating and accessing files and electronic data

Policy Pages on the RCN website

June 05: Belfast Children Wanted to Shape Future Nurses The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) (see Notes for Editors) is looking for children from the age of five years upwards to attend a roadshow on 21st June at the Radisson SAS Hotel, The Gasworks, Cromac Place, Ormeau Road, Belfast BT7.

NMC publish new documents on How to Complain about a Nurse or Midwife - covering England, Northern Ireland and Wales

Do you keep a practice diary? The NMC advises that clinical information is not written in diaries, but in rare circumstances - if this is the case - then the information must be transcribed into the patient/client clinical records within a 48 hour period.

Ethics Working Party (RCN representation) Report recommends Healthcare institutions should review existing arrangements for providing advice and education, and for developing and implementing guidelines on the recognition and handling of ethical uncertainties and dilemmas in clinical practice.

Do You Care for Type 2 Diabetics? See the UKPDS Risk Engine Software - soon to be updated

Informatics is about communication not technology, says Marina Copping, and nurses are expert communicators See Nursing Standard

May 05: A healthier future: A 20 year vision for health and wellbeing

May 05: British Dental Association Northern Ireland 2005 Update

April 2005: GPs in Northern Ireland say money earmarked for primary care IT has been subject to huge delays and fear the funds could now be used for non-IT projects. Reports eHealth Insider

March 2005: The HPSS Information & Communications Technology (ICT) Programme Launch will take place on 9th MARCH 2005 -
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