Archived News: Oct 2004

October 11th 2004: Been trying unsuccessfully to send us a Contact Form?
We recognize this facility has not been working and would like to apologise to you all – please try again – the problem is rectified now and we look forward to hearing from you
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October 14th 2004: The NPfiT programme to modernise NHS computer systems in England is on track and on budget and patient care will not be compromised.

October 14th 2004: Informing Healthcare e-update and Board Meeting Reports

October 14th 2004: All new NHS staff will have to undergo Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checks, the Department of Health is set to announce.

October 14th 2004:MoodGYM web site is a free, fun, interactive 'gym' for visiting your emotional and coping skills maintained by the Centre for Mental Health Research (CMHR) at the Australian National University
Also see eHealth Insider report: Interactive websites could reduce depression stigma

October 14th 2004: NPfiT has appointed Phil Walker, head of the National Programme's digital information policy team, as its Caldicott Guardian

October 14th 2004: CRDB Inaugural Conference "Consistent and Personal - improving health and care" 25th November in London:
Interested in one of the open invitations?

October 14th 2004: Healthcare Commission's Newsletter - Follow the 'Keeping You Informed' Link at :

October 4th 2004: Have your say re needs for Advanced Practice (Nurses and Midwives) Consultation Opportunity open until 15th November 2004
this report for consultation presents detailed findings on the current approach to the education and development of nurses and midwives beyond registration and makes recommendations on how these should be strengthened. The consultation report gives particular regard to terminology, levels of practice, the need or otherwise for accreditation and or regulation and opportunities for shared learning with other professions.

October 4th 2004: End 2005 will see NPfIT making a difference for all
National Programme for IT's (NPfIT) director-general, Richard Granger has predicted that by the end of next year there won't be ‘nook or cranny’ of the NHS in England that has not seen some work from the programme that will be making a difference to caring for patients. See

October 4th 2004: Professor Aidan Halligan to leave CRDB in April 2005
to take up an appointment as the new Chief Executive Officer for the Irish Health Service Executive . See
and eHealth Insider reports on same subject at

October 4th 2004: Want to know what's happening at Care Records Development Board Meetings?

October 4th 2004: Over 5,000 GP practices now ready for QMAS

October 4th 2004: What is QMAS?


October 4th 2004: launch of Trust-wide Oncology Nursing Information System

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