Scotland Archived News: 2003

NEW! Welcome to the developing site for the revised National eHealth/IM&T Strategy for NHS Scotland.

NEW! Scottish Nursing e-Health Forum (SNEF).
The forum has representatives from BCS (NSG and Health Informatics Scotland); IMIA NI; CPHVA; RCN; SEHD; Academics and practitioners (Acute and community). The total membership at the moment is around 20 but it was felt that the group is too big and unbalanced and membership will be finalised @ the next meeting in the New Year. Some of the stated aims of this forum include:
- Advocate for the inclusion of informatics/e-Health as a core element
of professional nursing care
- Support nursing representatives on the Scottish Executive e-Health
steering groups.
- Provide an informed nursing view on e-Health consultation papers
- Provide a platform for sharing good practice and facilitate a two
ways communications with grass root practitioners and decision makers.
- Lobby for inclusion of informatics competencies to within nurse
education curriculum.
- Raise awareness of the field amongst nurse leaders.
The first agreed action for the group was to comment and agree on the Informatics and the UK Professions Strategic Goals (2002-5). The current chair (Kathy Dallest) is to formally liase with CNO, and Scottish Executive to let them know about the group and seek their support.
The e-Health Nurses Network thank Sharon Levy, Informatics Adviser, Royal College of Nursing for this essential information about the SNEF

Did you attend our first meeting in Glasgow in May 2003?
If you did - we'd love to hear what you'd like to focus on in the next Scottish meeting, where it should be held and when - please get in touch!

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