Scotland Archived News: 2015

NMC/Regulatory Update:
Nursing associate role offers new route into nursing and NMC responds to announcement of new nursing associate role ; NMC warmly welcomes confirmation that England is ready for revalidation ; Sign up for monthly newsletters

HCPC Update: Promoting your registration ; Report on the first 15 years of the HCPC published ; Consultation sets out proposed amendments to HCPC Rules (runs until 15th January); Current InFocus

Hospital flood destroys paper records

NHS24 abandons 'challenging' IT system

NHS 24 £117m IT crashes on go-live

Scotland first to abolish bureaucratic system of GP payments

Primary Futures: Who’s In Health?

Clinical and Care Governance Framework

NMC/Regulatory Update: Council approves the introduction of Revalidation ; Revalidation Guidance ; Recent NMC Newsletters

HCPC Update: Consultation sets out proposed amendments to HCPC Rules ; Report on the first 15 years of the HCPC published ; New campaign highlights the benefits of promoting your HCPC registration ; Newcastle University contacts registrants as part of CPD research ; Current InFocus

Dumfries using pastient indentifier tool

NHS24 IT system £41 million over budget

Celts agree IT alliance

It belongs to Glasgow

Response to Audit Scotland's 'NHS in Scotland 2015' report

GP services go digital
NMC/Regulatory Update: Professional Standards Authority: Rethinking Regulation ; NMC response ; Shape of Caring: Review ; Expert advisory group to take forward Shape of Caring recommendations ; Are you revalidation ready? ; Feedback from Revalidation Pilots ; Current Newsletter ; Subscribe to the NMC Newsfeed

HCPC Update: One month left for paramedics to renew ; New registration fee structure now in place ; August In Focus

Consider replicating Golden Jubilee model elsewhere in Scotland, says health minister

Creating a Healthier Scotland – the conversation begins1,000 more NHS staff planned for 2015/16

People encouraged to #GetChecked with potential signs or symptoms and see Theweec

Better Knowledge, Better Care animations

NMC/Regulatory Update:
Sir Bruce Keogh update on review of professional codes of practice ; RCN response to NMC Revalidation Pilot ; Openness and honesty when things go wrong: the professional duty of candour ; Joint guidance on duty of candour ; Renew NMC on line ; Video introduction to new Code ; Subscribe to the NMC Newsfeed

HCPC Update: Claim tax back on your registration fee ; Latest In Focus

New Health Bill published

Hospital Based Complex Clinical Care

New measures to support NHS whistleblowers

Scottish Government funds new fleet

NMC/Regulatory Update: Provisional Revalidation requirements ; Revalidation Guidance and Resources ; Response to the lack of a bill to modernise nursing and midwifery regulation ; Become a fitness to practice panel member ; Upcoming events on the revised code and revalidation ; New guidance to support the new code. ; Register with NMC on-lineKeep informed sign up for the NMC Newsletter ; March 2015 Update (annual publication)

HCPC Update: Online survey asks how registrants promote their HCPC registration ; Outcomes of the consultation on registration fees ; Consultation on Revised Standards of conduct, performance and ethics (runs till 26th June); Revised Fitness to Practice Process ; FtP Flowchart

Health Secretary says technology will transform health and social care

New nursing care quality system trialled in new facilities

Robots live in new super hospital

Scottish EPMS Framework worth up to £20M

Super hospital catalyst for paperless environment

Dallas project fails to recruit

Further funding for patient feedback website

Western Isles eyes BI expansion

NMC/Regulatory Update: Revised Code for nurses and midwives (effective March 31st); The NMC has welcomed Robert Francis’s review into whistleblowing in the NHS (also see: Freedom to SpeakUp: Consultation runs until June 4th and Work and wellbeing in the NHS: why staff health matters to patient care ) ; Shape of Caring review ; Keep informed sign up for the NMC Newsletter ; March 2015 Update (annual publication)

HCPC Update: Latest edition of In Focus ;

Further £200m to support health & social care integration

Further investment in pioneering surgical care

Scottish data share plan survives vote

New rights for carers

Sustainable 24/7 NHS Update

Web Sites of interest this month: Online mental health services;

Jan-Feb 2015
NMC/Regulatory Update: Revised Code for nurses and midwives (effective March 31st); The freedom to speak up is vital for patient safety and public protection ; Statement welcoming the Government’s response to the Law Commissions’ proposals

HCPC Update: HCPC response to Department of Health report on Culture change in the NHS ; Revised Fitness to Practise employer referral form ; Funding the PSA ; HCPC In Focus - Issue 57 ; HCPC Research Report: Preventing small problems from becoming big problems in health and social care ; Research with registrants on perceptions and experiences of the CPD standards and audits (runs till Feb 27th); HCPC responds to the UK Government's response to the Law Commission's report on the regulation of Health and Social Care Professionals ; The HCPC launches new app created for registrants

Glasgow pilots brain injuries study

Improving access to NHS statistics

Commitment to enhancing NHS performance

Scotland’s NHS – beyond 2020

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