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South Eastern Region

Do you live in the South Eastern Region?

Are you interested in or are you working in a project which utilises any aspect of the four pillars of e-HEALTH?Are you a member of an existing e-health/informatics group?If you are any of the above - or if you're just curious - we'd love to hear from you.If there's no group in your area and you'd be interested in being part of one - let us know and we'll get people together and support your start-up!

This page is for you – please get in touch with us


Latest South Eastern News

Archived News: Archived News 2004 - 2018

July-October 2018

University Hospital Southampton showcases GDE successes

South Central Ambulance Service to be kitted out with mobile devices

East and North Herts could face £7m bill to fix Lorenzo issue

Those living in the south of England are to be given access to a digital treatment for insomnia

Surrey trust awarded additional £1m funding for ‘pioneering’ IoT dementia study

Docman ‘becomes first to integrate with the NHS e-Referral Service’

Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells goes all out with EPR selection