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Croeso i'r Grwp Nyrsio e-Iechyd Cymru Gyfan

Mae'r safle hwn ar gyfer pob nyrs yng Nghymru - does dim ots ble rydych chi'n gweithio.
Ymwelwch â'r tudalennau yma ac archwiliwch y dyfodol gyda ni.

eNWI is a brand new initiative, launched at the Informing Healthcare, Informing Nursing conference at RCN Cardiff on November 16th 2004.

Please note the Welsh language version of this site is under construction so not all links will be working at the moment. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Uchafbwyntiau Mehefin 2005  


See your new eNWI web pages Addysg/Hyfforddiant and Events - read about eNWI's first Conference planned for October this year!

Read the latest Stakeholder Update on the Informing Healthcare Programme

Cardiff Wed 5th July - RCN Quality Improvement Network Road Show on "Safe Transfer of Care"
Time: 10.00 - 15.30. Venue: RCN Wales, Ty Maeth, Cardiff
Booking: Contact Rhona Workman 02920 751373 before 23rd June

Register today for a new e-seminar: Creating a Consolidated, Comprehensive Electronic Health Record Thursday, June 23, Noon - 1 p.m. CDT

RCN's Survey of the Information Needs of Nurses, Health Care Assistants, Midwives and Health Visitors

The Single Record - The Way Ahead

Remember to complete a Contact Form if you haven't already done so

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Hen newyddion: Mai 05, Ebrill 05, Mawrth 05, Chwef 05, Rhag 04, Awst 04, Mehefin 04, Mai 04, Ebrill 04, Mawrth 04

Welsh Telemedicine sees strong progress

Do you record B/P in your daily practice? Web site that evaluates the accuracy of options for blood pressure measurement

Do you keep a practice diary? The NMC advises that clinical information is not written in diaries, but in rare circumstances - if this is the case - then the information must be transcribed into the patient/client clinical records within a 48 hour period.

NMC publish new documents on How to Complain about a Nurse or Midwife - covering England, Northern Ireland and Wales

Ethics Working Party (RCN representation) Report recommends Healthcare institutions should review existing arrangements for providing advice and education, and for developing and implementing guidelines on the recognition and handling of ethical uncertainties and dilemmas in clinical practice.d

Do You Care for Type 2 Diabetics? See the UKPDS Risk Engine Software - soon to be updated

Informatics is about communication not technology, says Marina Copping, and nurses are expert communicators See Nursing Standard

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